Triangle Laboratory launched Free Development and Qualification for Qualified Biomarker Panels

January 13, 2020

Triangle Laboratory, a leading bioanalytical testing laboratory specializing in ligand binding and cell-based assays, announced today the free method development and qualification for qualified biomarker panels.

Dr. Liu, Head of Bioanalysis at Triangle Laboratory said: “Biomarkers play important role in monitoring the physiological pathways. It is a powerful tool for investigating drug safety and efficacy in drug discovery and development. Triangle Laboratory has been developing owned biomarker panels for supporting our sponsors. For Triangle Laboratory proprietary biomarker methods, we waive the method qualification or validation and directly measure the study samples. This offers a benefit to our sponsors in terms of project cost and timeline.”

About Triangle Laboratory

Triangle Laboratory Inc., a contract research organization (CRO), is a leading bioanalytical laboratory for large molecule bioanalysis. Triangle Laboratory provides TK/PK, ADA, NAb, Biomarker and functional assay services for supporting the development of biologics. Headquartered in Delaware Industrial Park, Triangle Laboratory supports method development, method qualification/validation, and sample analysis under both non-GLP and GLP.

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