Triangle Laboratory Overview

About Triangle Laboratory

Triangle Laboratory Inc., a contract research organization (CRO), is the drug development company supporting comprehensive large molecule bioanalysis services.

Our services includes TK/PK, ADA, NAb, Biomarker.

What makes Triangle Laboratory as your choice?

Premium Science, First and Foremost

Global Scale and Capacity for any Project Size

Unmatched Depth of Scientific Experience

Quality and integrity in Everything We Do

Our Scientific Team

The high quality of assays come from scientific knowledge and experience. All our scientists have advanced degree, with 70% Ph.D. level. Each of our PI is required to have five years’ direct experience and have managed more than 20 bioA projects.

Regulatory Compliance

Our laboratory systems and processes are designed for ensuring the bioA work following international regulatory guidelines (e.g., FDA, EMA, NMPA), industry standards and project specific requirements. But these standards alone are not necessarily sufficient in defining the kind of advanced quality that is demanded in the complex bioanalytical projects and applications we support. Therefore our QA team has established additional procedures to ensure quality permeates every aspect of our operations, from data integrity to safety, responsibility, and innovation.

Project Management

We commit to the timely project delivery. Our Project Management System (PMS) integrates BD, project manager, PI, procurement, sample management, QC, report writer, QA and archiver together that provides exceptional service for your project. The powerful PMS will significantly improve the project efficiency, which saves you up to 21% of your project cost.

At Triangle Laboratory, we deliver quality and efficiency for every project.


Provide the best bioanalytical service


Accelerate drug development


Improve health